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Are you getting what you need out of the relationships in your life? If you’re not, could it be that you never took the time to define what you needed from the different people in your life? I recently found that to be true in my life. While I was journaling a couple of weeks ago, I realized that I had needs that weren’t being met. When I started to evaluate why people in my life did not recognize my needs, I had an awareness that I was not speaking up. I was failing to stand in my personal power and effectively communicate with those closest to me. I had unrealistic expectations that everyone should be aware of my wants and needs directly from our interactions together. That false expectation left me feeling frustrated and defeated in my relationships. One of the more profound awarenesses I’ve had this year is that it’s not selfish for me to speak up and ask for what I need. It is, in fact, the only fair way others in my life will know how I’m feeling and what I need from them. Speaking openly about how you can support each other is the most authentic way to build and deepen connection in a relationship. Knowing your own needs can be a process. As girls, we are conditioned to put the needs of others before our own, and perhaps we were never guided to define what our wants, needs, and desires were. Discovering those needs is an essential first step on the journey to self-love. To build the types of relationships, we want in our lives we have to gain clarity on what our core values are and what is at the root of our happiness. What are you passionate about having in your life? For me, it’s inner peace, expansion, gratitude and lots and lots of self-love!

We are all wired with unique needs and desires and it is our responsibility to speak up and get those needs met. If that means changing our mindset or silencing self-sabotaging voices in our heads, it needs to be done. Don’t sit back and feel less than because you failed to take action and speak life into your relationships with others or with yourself! Share one way you breathe life into your relationships so you can authentically live a wholehearted life!

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