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In December I was contacted by the National Coaching Academy for an interview. They were compiling a series of interviews to feature coaching and counseling professionals from around the country to share more about their careers with their readers. I want to thank Brandon Baker of Life Coach Path for collaborating and making this project possible! The NCA educates and prepares students to enter the coaching space. Since I am an educator at heart, I was totally stoked to openly share the parts of coaching that I love and the parts I struggle with to help aspiring coaches see different perspectives of the coaching world. You may be surprised to learn what the most challenging part of coaching is for me. December is always a time of introspection, as I was preparing for this interview, I started to consider the things I love doing and how they make me feel, and the things that suck my energy and cause me to procrastinate. It was time to take the next step in my business. I realized that if I truly want to reach a million women, I need to open up new avenues for women to engage and work with me. I’m excited to share that I am forming a new online platform in 2020 that will be hosted on Teachable, called Shyft U. As I take time to pivot and transform my life and business, I will be sharing vital lessons I’ve learned along the way. It will be a series of self-directed online courses to help women who aren’t ready to enter into a coaching 1:1 or group coaching relationship but want to delve into the world of personal development. The courses will be based on the 5 pillars of my business: Health and Wellness, Coping Strategies, Empowerment, Healthy Relationships, and Leadership. Over the past twelve years, I have discovered that these are the five areas women are most concerned about in their lives. As they transition from one phase of life to the next, these are the areas of life that remain constants. Many of the women get stuck trying to figure out the next step in their journey. By providing structure, practical how-tos and copious amounts of encouragement, they find the confidence and courage to move forward again. I’m excited to share this platform. Keep an eye out for the launch of Shyft U! If you’re ready to take action now, grab a copy of my newest book project: Activate Your Life Vol II - 30 Transformational Exercises from Coaches Around the World.

May 2020 be your best year yet!

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