Activate Your Life Vol II is filled with great coaching exercises that can transform your future. Activate Your Life brings you 30 transformational exercises from some of the world’s top coaches. It's like having a personal team of coaches available to you on demand.

Exercises are grouped into five themes:


  • Life Purpose

  • Self Care Practices 

  • Emotional Mastery 

  • Success Strategies

  • Goals and Dreams

If you are feeling stuck or confused, these exercises will help get you going with renewed clarity and purpose.

If you are feeling motivated and excited, these exercises will add fuel to your fire and cultivate your skills.

If you are ready to pivot and transform your life from the inside out -  This book is for you! Dive in and start with the exercise that most intrigues you, and then keep the book handy to get personal coaching whenever you need it.

Change your future now, with Activate Your Life!

What readers are saying:


"I loved that there are so many areas to investigate helping yourself, but you can pick and choose which one to start with. I started with Anza Goodbar's suggestions for journaling to improve your relationships. I am a "journaler", so this worked wonderfully for me!"

Elsie Saburi"In my personal development journey, I've always found it challenging to get a working formula that I can stick to. These exercises are just what I've been looking for. Anza Goodbar has broken this into easy-to-do steps that have helped me gain confidence in articulating my needs and desires both in my personal and entrepreneurial space. A totally new perspective for me to take on matters in my life, but this is a book that I want to keep close to me for easy reference. It's an absolute pleasure drawing from this fountain of expertise!"

Vera Stark

"I absolutely loved Activate Your Life! The processes were great and I enjoyed experiencing the ones I've tried so far. What I really love is that these transformational processes are easy to use yourself or apply to your own clients if you choose and they work. I highly recommend this book. It was fun to read."

Nancy Bacher
"Activate Your Life (vol. 2) is filled with great insights and wonderful exercises. Each chapter and each set of exercises had a serious impact on me. They got me thinking and actually have implemented several of them – making my health, and mental energies so much better than they were before. Thanks to all the authors for their hard work and great words."


"What a group of MEGA coaches and leaders. Activate your life is just what I needed for the new year. Thank you so much for creating this amazing book. I can't wait to dive in more and use these practices into my life and business."

Patrick Jinks

"If you believe that mindset is critical for success, this is a book for you. Super easy to read, in 30 bite-sized chunks of tested tools, tips, and techniques, ranging from Danielle Rottenberg's stress-reducing techniques to Grace-Anne Alfiero's innovative concept of building "crosswalks" of workplace collaboration. This is a great reminder that fear, stress, burnout, and other emotional liabilities are within our control if we are intentional with our mindset and our actions."

Erik Hamre

"The best thing about this book series is its focus on how you can implement knowledge into your own life. It shows creative ways to introduce challenging activities into your life situation. Very useful and practical."

There is no better way to bring inspiration to the world than through the stories of those who have experienced unbelievable challenges and transformed those challenges into life lessons that they've ultimately turned into opportunities.

The authors of Your Shift Matters - Resistance to Resilience are living proof that when you live in resistance, you're limiting the possibility of achieving your dreams. When you live in resistance, you're more likely to feel stressed, depressed, and overwhelmed unable to embrace your authentic gifts, talents, and purpose. You'll never feel truly vibrant, energetic and alive.


Conversely, when you stand in your resilience, you open yourself up to endless possibilities! You're able to face adversity with courage, strength, and conviction. You live your life unapologetically - confident and grounded in who you are.

You are powerful beyond measure and can accomplish amazing things! To be your best, you must shift from being resistant to being resilient.

The amazing authors of this book have come together to share their incredible stories with you. They share jaw-dropping, gut-wrenching experiences that will shock and astound you. Their heartfelt, raw and real stories will bring tears to your eyes; they will touch your heart and stir your soul. You will be in awe of the amazing courage they have.

It is through their stories that they hope to inspire you to shift beyond resistance to a life where you are truly resilient!

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