Has your life been turned upside-down & inside-out by COVID-19?

You're not alone!  2 out of 3 people negatively impacted by job losses and increased stresses are WOMEN!   
That means YOU or someone you know is
feeling lost, alone, and afraid. 
As a Life Design Strategist, I can help you pivot and transform yourself so you can create income-earning opportunities by working from home. 

Life may never return to"normal" but you can equip yourself to succeed in the new"normal" economy.  

About  Me...

I am an Entrepreneur, Life Design Strategist, 
Personal Development Coach, 
& Best-Selling Author

I work with women who are ready to connect with their inner desires and transform their life from the boardroom to the bedroom!

I can help you connect the dots between whom you think you are and whom you want to become so you can live an authentic life filled with passion and joy. 

You know who are!  

  • You are spunky and passionate about life.

  • You often feel misunderstood and selfish when you speak up for what you really want or need.

  • You feel unseen, unheard, and alone in your relationships.

  • You frequently over give and feel energetically drained.

  • You long for deeper connections with your lover, family, and friends.

  • You feel stuck, paralyzed and afraid that life is passing you by.

  • You have BIG dreams but don't know what action steps to take.

  • You want to overcome the obstacles that hold you back but feel defeated and hopeless.

  • Your soul is hungry for more but you've lost touch with your inner fire.

  • You have a burning desire in your soul to live your BEST life and you're ready to take action!

If you want to show up for yourself but find yourself putting the needs of others before your own; or, if you have put your dreams on hold and are waiting for "someday" to come along but it feels like it will never be your turn.... 

I can help you reclaim your life.

Once YOU embrace how powerful you are, you will become unstoppable! Your energy will shift and your passions will guide you. 

Here's how I can help:

  • I can be a consultant to help you define your dream and create practical action steps to make that dream a reality.

  • I can be a coach and help you identify and slay limiting mindsets and fears that hold you back and replace them with positive self-talk.

  • I can help you shed shame from your past and embrace yourself with unconditional love so you can experience more intimacy and connection in your relationships.

  • I can help you find your voice so you can confidently share your wants, needs, and desires without feeling guilty.

  • I can guide you through the process of designing a personalized soul-strategy by mapping your ideal life and creating space for you to feel authentic,  unstoppable, strong, and joyful every single day!

The possibilities of what you can accomplish are limitless!!!

This is YOUR time to choose to live a life that matters and makes a positive impact in your family, your community, and the next generation. 

Let's get started! 


Work With Me...

Focus on overcoming the challenges that are preventing you from living your best life. Learn to love yourself and advocate for the things you want - more confidence, more...
Private Coaching
1 hr
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